SkyREC Solves 3 Major Issues of Brick-and-Mortar Store

Lack of Incoming Shoppers

Precision analysis of storefront traffic, traffic flow, shopper profile (gender & age), shopper dwell in front of store, window displays and window conversion rate; Design the most attractive visual merchandising in the entrance, window displays and in-store style for target shoppers.

Lack of Sales Revenue

Hourly analysis of in-store traffic and shopper profile, precision marketing strategy based on the characteristics of actual in-store shoppers. Optimize in-store merchandise selection, displays, shopping path and staff shifting with shopper behavior analysis data to greatly increase shopper engagement with merchandises, sales revenue and decrease operation cost.

Lack of Active Member

Cross analyze member’s visit time, visit frequency and sales transaction data, establish and develop unique member group of brands. Manage member relationship based on each group type with high efficiency to increase more returns, repeat visits and sustained buying interests of customers.

"In the past, I could only operate my store with my previous experience. Now, I can get the insight of which product selection is more appealing with SkyREC India BI system."

Shuan, CEO of LAI HAO Taiwan Gift Shop

"Without the data, the fact that consumers were reluctant to enter the rear area of the store might have been overlooked,"

Yuki Huang, general manager of Timberland in Taiwan

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